Capo di Monte restaurant is our favorite client. We were long time friends with the management, and at some point decided to create something together. Combine our skills and knowledge in great website-making and the restaurants ability to prepare fabulous food. Since then - the project has became our pride, and not just because we have done something we like, but because this turned out to be a great business decision - the website generates a great amount of profit to the owners.

The home page, by our design, is supposed to make every visitor instantly salivate. There is a different pizza loading randomly every time. The main goal of the website - cause the visitor to have a hunger attack and, as a result - pick up the phone or place an order online

Anyone can "edit" any of the 40 pre-made pizza recipes to their own taste specifications, by picking out of a huge list of ingredients. Besides the toppings, they get to choose the pizza size, thickness and sauce base