Inspired by all of our clients success in the food business, we have decided to create our own modern food delivery service.

Let the cooking begin!

Cooked and tasted over 100 dishes. Gained a few kilograms.

Tested a great deal of different packaging. Found an ideal one, but had to transport it from England.

Tested each dish in packaging to see how it will behave after being transported to a customer.

Carefully planning the ergonomics of the kitchen equipment. Making interior and exterior drafts. Getting it built.

The result.

Scooters are branded as well.

Created bright colored branding.

Need to photograph flying noodles. Tried throwing them in the air. After failing to do so – plan B.

Another try. Better. Not ideal, though. Trying again.

First photoshoot. Good, but not ideal. Will try again.

Final photographs.

Launched a teaser promo-site.

Made a primitive promo video.

Built a website.

Sandwiches open up.

Sushi details.

Adding to cart.

Grill order cutomization.